As the Christmas Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and are reminded to take the time to truly appreciate those who have helped shape our selves, our families, and our businesses in a most significant way.  Christmas is a wonderful time to spread not only good cheer and tidings, but also to spread the word of The Lord.

Our gift to you during this wonderful holiday season: a collection of Christmas Church Sign Sayings, Quotes, and Messages that  will hopefully help spread the word of our Saviour – Jesus Christ, beyond the seats in your church and out into the community.  May peace be with you & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Post title Word Count Character Count
Looking for good news? Come to the manger 8 41
God Gave The World The Perfect Gift To Receive, If We Will Just Believe 14 71
Jesus is the light of the world! 7 32
A baby born in a stable; glory to The Light of the World. 13 57
Merry Christ-mas 2 16
Baby Jesus grew up to be the world’s savior 9 43
To be thankfull is not be full for all God’s doing 11 50
A long time ago, in a Galilee far far away 10 42
Christ came to die giving the gift of New Life… Have you opened it? 14 69
If Christ never existed then why is there a Christmas. 10 56
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