Father’s Day is a time to rejoice in family and remind ourselves how lucky we are to be alive – no matter where we’re at. Use these Father’s Day Church Sign Sayings to communicate the message of our common ‘Father’ to everyone in your community.

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The best time to tackle a minor problem is before he grows up 13 61
Father’s – advocates of stewardship and perseverance 7 52
Happy Father’s day. Spend time with both Fathers this Sunday. 10 61
Many fathers talk a good game. But only a few suit up. 12 54
To know THE Father, is the manual to be a father. 11 49
Dad, Son’s first hero and daughter’s first love 8 47
A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms even when his hands are empty. 18 87
Men- When you bring home the bacon, bring home the book. 11 56
The best way for a man to be a father is to love the mother of his children. 18 76
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