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reading this? It’s a sign. 5 26
The reborn need to stand up for the unborn. 9 43
Flowers optional, No visitation, Tomb is empty! 7 47
Jesus is the missing peace. 5 27
Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus 6 33
GOD can open doors that no other man can, our doors are open to all come have a seat. 19 85
Do not ask GOD what He can do for you, but Ask GOD what you can do for Him. 19 75
As the world turns crazy, turn to JESUS 8 39
Thank God for mother’s without yours you wouldn’t be 9 52
Good or bad, your past will live on as long as you choose to recall it 16 70
Yes, He still loves us. Spring will come. 8 41
Jesus has prepared a place for you. Have you prepared a place for him? 14 71
You Have Become Blind When You See Nothing Wrong With Something God Has Called Sin 15 82
It’s Hard To Get In Shape Spiritually If You Only Work Out On Sunday 14 68
Many fathers talk a good game. But only a few suit up. 12 54
Happy Father’s day. Spend time with both Fathers this Sunday. 10 61
Jesus said heaven is ready, contact him to confirm your reservation now 12 71
Faith is like a rubberband, it must be stretched 9 48
Sandy is watching, Please return your shopping cart to the cart corral 12 72
Try Praying Instead Of Texting 5 30
A Godly Mom is a reflection of Heavenly affection.. 9 51
The way to Heaven: Turn right go straight
If God is for us, who can be against us. Rom. 8:31 12 51
All You Need Is Love And Chocolate 7 34
Jesus Gives A Joy That Never Fails 7 34