Easter is an extremely important time for Christians and it is typically one of the most well-attended Sunday services of the year for Christian churches.

Spread the message about the resurrection of Jesus Christ throughout your community – and the world – with a poignant Easter Church Sign Saying.

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when the sun had risen, the Son had risen. 9 42
Only JESUS could build a bridge to heaven with just two boards 12 62
The best way to a full life is an empty tomb. Matthew 28:6 13 59
Christ came to die giving the gift of New Life… Have you opened it? 14 69
Christ came to die giving the gift of Redemption… Have you opened it? 13 71
Because the tomb is empty, the church should be full. 10 53
your a treasure in Jesus eyes; that’s why He stayed on the cross. 13 65
Jesus loves you more than the Easter Bunny 8 42
JESUS IS ALIVE! That is the real reason for Hope and a Changed Life! 14 68
Let us not forget who created the bunny. 8 40
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