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If you don’t have it,God has got it! 8 36
Got Jesus? 2 10
AI, Artificial Intelligence, CRISPR, Gene editing AR, Augmented Reality Are you prepared to distinguish the Truth? “I am the way and the truth and the life” Jesus. John 14:6 29 174
Read your Bible it is GODS letter to you 9 41
The best way to a full life is an empty tomb. Matthew 28:6 13 59
Let the SON shine! 4 18
Don’t let your past determine your future; Let God. 9 51
Jesus The Shining Light In A Dark World 8 39
Christ came to die giving the gift of New Life… Have you opened it? 14 69
Christ came to die giving the gift of Redemption… Have you opened it? 13 71
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