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If you don’t have it,God has got it! 8 36
Got Jesus? 2 10
AI, Artificial Intelligence, CRISPR, Gene editing AR, Augmented Reality Are you prepared to distinguish the Truth? “I am the way and the truth and the life” Jesus. John 14:6 29 174
Read your Bible it is GODS letter to you 9 41
The best way to a full life is an empty tomb. Matthew 28:6 13 59
Let the SON shine! 4 18
Christ came to die giving the gift of New Life… Have you opened it? 14 69
Don’t let your past determine your future; Let God. 9 51
Jesus The Shining Light In A Dark World 8 39
Christ came to die giving the gift of Redemption… Have you opened it? 13 71
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