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If you don’t try hard enough then you made the devil happy 12 58
Every goliath needs a stone 5 27
The best way to a full life is an empty tomb. Matthew 28:6 13 59
If you worry about the past then you won’t be prepared for God 13 63
The lost and found is located inside, come on in! 10 49
Don’t let the past get you down. Let the future shine bright. 12 61
If you tried hard then you made God proud 9 41
More is accomplished together than alone 6 40
B-best I-instructions B-before L-leaving E-earth 5 48
If you think that you’re kind, German children are kinder. 10 58
Looking for gold? Heaven’s streets are paved with it. 9 53
God is our light and if you leave it there is only darkness left 14 64
If it weren’t for venetian blinds it’d be curtains for all of us.! 13 66
If you don’t try hard enough then you made the devil happy 12 58
Spring gives us – green grass, beautiful flowers, blooming trees, warmth = life……. let JESUS be your spring 18 112
Christians are like Automobiles–They usually start skipping before they stop. 10 78
Our Pastor’s have a vision………YOU 5 39
Jesus is Gods offer. Deal or no deal 8 37
Show me a Sign? This is it! Come join us! 10 44
Let the SON shine! 4 18
Wake up before you fall asleep 6 30
There are two types of people; those that talk about the lost and those that talk to the to the lost 21 101
Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride. 7 34
Live with the devil long enough,you become like him 9 51