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Start your day with gratitude…. End your day with thanks. 10 60
Swallowing your pride won’t give you indigestion. 7 49
Sinburn can be prevented with Sonscreen
Celebrate Today! God is with us wherever we go 9 46
God Loves Us To the Moon and Back 8 33
Jesus gives you a new life, when you trade in the old one 13 57
Tired of your religion, try a relationship. Details inside 9 58
Jesus is our all-star. He won victory over death 9 48
Anyone can bake bread. Jesus is the bread of life. 10 50
Trying to live life W/O God? How’s that working for you? 11 56
Seek the TRUTH. Apply the TRUTH. LIVE the TRUTH! 9 48
EVERLASTING LIFE Got it? Get it. Good! 7 42
WARNING: “SIN” virus has now infected this area! Decontamination performed inside 11 81
HOPE = Hanging On Patiently Everyday
***Used around graduation—“Study for your final–read the Bible” 8 66
Look before you leap Don’t make bees mad Don’t swim with sharks Be saved before you die 17 95
JESUS – the visible manifestation of an invisible God! 9 54
Ask God to !et the Son shine on your summer 10 43
Today never happened before! 4 28
Welcome, friends! 2 17
Home of the free BECAUSE of the brave! 8 38
A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. 8 42
Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. 14 65
Let your faith be bigger than your fears. 8 41
We can’t choose our neighbors. We’re just asked to love them. 11 61