Fall is an amazing time of the year. Where I live, there are 4 very distinct seasons, and the first crisp morning I welcome like a friend I haven’t seen in years. Somehow, the morning coffee tastes better when the leaves are changing their hue.

During a period of such profound change, I believe that autumn the perfect time to give inspiration to the congregation and community… even it is just a simple message. Hopefully this group of Fall Church Sign messages will help you inspire yours.

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Post title Word Count Character Count
Fall into Church, God will pick you up 8 38
The donkey and elephant are fighting. Look to the Lamb for answers. 12 68
Don’t forget to take Jesus to school with you! 9 46
Got an Hour to Spare? Fall Back to Jesus 9 40
Fall for Jesus. He is truely unbe-leaf-able 7 43
Fall in love with Jesus! 5 24
One of God’s blessings is the beauty of Fall 9 44
Lets all Fall for Jesus 5 23
Fall leaves are beautiful, Gods Blessings are Breath-taking. 8 60
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