Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spread the the word of God and His unconditional love for His church and people. Here is a collection of biblical and Christian Valentine’s Church Sign Sayings that you can use to help lift the spirit of those in your congregation, as well as the rest of the community.

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Post title Word Count Character Count
valentine card from Jesus to you I Love You 9 44
Jesus loves you this I know so let him be your valentine 12 57
Valentine’s Day, give your heart to Jesus 7 41
Who, being loved, is poor? 5 26
St Valentine found true love – Jesus 7 36
St. Valentine learned love from Jesus 6 37
People are at the heart of God’s heart 8 38
Jesus is the greatest Valentine one could ever receive! 9 55
Jesus loved St. Valentine first 5 31
True love stories never have endings. 6 37
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